The Fight of OUR Lives

Six months post Breast Cancer treatments and reflecting back over this past 18 months.  I hear a lot of “Fight Cancer”, “I beat Cancer’s Ass”, “Fighting for my life”.  I don’t want to down play that time of active treatment.  It is hard and you have to keep going, you can’t give up because you truly are fighting for your life.  But what I keep thinking about is at that time I had my support army, I had my doctors telling me what needed to be done.  I had people to take care of my kids and delivering food and I had a nurse keeping tabs on my mental state and ready with a pep talk if ever needed.  It was truly a fight and I needed my army.  Now that I’m in transition I feel that maybe that was just the battle and right now is the real fight.

PEOPLE, THIS IS THE FIGHT.  LIFEIt’s hard and it tests our strength every day.  WE ARE ALL fighting to keep our head on straight and above water and sometimes we want to give up.  THIS is the fight that defines us and shapes our lives.  You know that ol’ saying “don’t judge someone because you don’t know what they are dealing with”.  It’s so true.  We need more love, kindness and respect in this world.  The current state of the world is unsettling at best.   We need to fight harder than ever to make this one life a good one.  We can do this through staying centered and at peace within ourselves so that we can shine our light for our families and friends and thereby out into the world.  If I can shine my light and help you to shine yours maybe we really can extinguish the dark.  I’m going to fight like hell because that battle I just finished was hard and I don’t believe I fought it to live a chaotic, joyless and fearful life.  Our struggles are real.  Let’s acknowledge them and treat ourselves with kindness so we can be the strongest most beautiful versions of what we are intended to be and be a support to those around you fighting their own battles. 


Love & Light,