What Most Doctors Won't Tell You

Wow.  Sometimes things hit you like a ton of bricks.  I’ve been crazy lately.  Feeling more stress than I’d like, feeling out of sorts more often than I’d like and I’m the heaviest weight I’ve ever been.  So what gives?!  I’ve been working hard at all this and really really trying to keep things in check and do what is healthiest for myself.  WELL, thank you Bernie Siegel for reminding me that I’m doing it ALL wrong!!

"I am convinced that unconditional love is the most powerful known stimulant of the immune system. If I told patients to raise their blood levels of immune globulins or killer T cells, no one would know how. But if I can teach them to love themselves and others fully, the same changes happen automatically. The truth is: love heals."- Bernie Siegel

I went to see Bernie speak last week and he basically said “Don’t try to be a vegan marathon runner to be healthy”, “It won’t work”.  The desire to live will outweigh all of the “healthy” things you can do.  Eat healthy so you can feel good.  Exercise because it makes you feel good or gives you energy to do the things you love.  The things that fill your heart and give us purpose are far more life giving than an eating plan.  Some of you are probably saying…..but isn’t that what you have been telling us all along?  Yes, it actually  has been my priority all along, BUT I get off track.  I’ve been reading too much about what I can do to stay healthy and I’ve gotten my head all full of excess information that I’m not ready to process.  Bernie’s speech came at the right time for me.  It yanked me out of the sky where I had been floating around and planted my feet back on the ground where they belong.  Remaining grounded is far easier when you are standing on the ground!!

Bernie went on to share so many amazing stories about his patients and the remarkable power humans have over life and death.  We have all heard about that relative who waited until all the family was nearby to finally pass.  It isn’t too far of a stretch to realize that the healthiest things we can do for ourselves is to live a life that we find worth living.  To have a purpose and to nurture ourselves and others is going to give me life.  We don’t know how long we have on earth.  Let’s find the value in our days and go from there.


Our energy and our desires create the world we live in.  I was dangerously close to a world of fear and rules and obligations.  Where would you rather dwell.  In fear or in peace?   Hearing Bernie speak really gave me the freedom and the lightheartedness I needed to tackle the big picture and enjoy the process rather than be weighed down by the heaviness of the subject.  I’m excited to have yet another new lease on life.  Please keep exploring, keep reading, keep trying new things.  Keep living a full life while you are here.

With love,


Resource: Bernie S. Siegel MD