This Couldn't Possibly Be True?!?!

I spent six weeks in a cancer-patient housing facility with 39 other clients and their caretakers.  Can I just say there was LESS negativity in that building than there is out here in the “well and able” population!! There is so much road rage, bitterness, job complaints, relationship problems etc., it is crazy, but I do get it.  I am even being sucked into it on occasion. It seems as though when we are not surrounded by greater issues, too much weight is placed on the little stuff.  

We do this thing at my church where we raise our joys and concerns. This is a time when we hear about members of our congregation that are going into surgery, lost a loved one, are fighting cancer etc.  It is also a time when we share joys like a new baby or an anniversary.  During my diagnosis and treatment this helped keep my problems in check and not to make more out of them than they were.  I didn’t feel alone in the fight and I was able to identify areas to be utterly grateful.  It kept things in perspective and still does.  It got me thinking, maybe this is what we all need in our day to day lives. We need something to counteract the mundane struggles of ordinary life. Something that puts them in perspective.  

I am always looking for ways to keep grounded in the struggles around us.  I hope to spend more energy adding hope and light to these areas and be saved in the process.  Maybe a call to service is more about saving ourselves than it is about saving others.  Maybe a call to service is offering us a life vest in this crazy world?  

Well then,  how do we deflect another’s stress or anger?  I’m one of those people who internalizes the energy even when it’s not my own anger or negativity.  How do we deflect?  I can’t think of anything other than staying balanced and grounded.  The more rooted we are the less these negative vibes can shake us.  

Everyone has their own call and their own circumstances.  I feel called to share with you through this blog.  I ask you to please listen to what is calling you.  What is the thing that will keep you grounded and counterbalance the negative out there?  What keeps your perspective in check?  

With love,