Keepin' It Simple

QUALITY of LIFE!  When discussing my treatment plan with my oncologist the term Quality of Life came up several times.  I understood this phrase at a basic level, but I have a whole new appreciation for it now.    It can really simplify things.  Can you imagine making decisions all day based on your quality of life?  It sounds the same to me as making decisions based on maintaining your inner peace.  I’ll tell you one thing that interferes with my inner peace, is the ability to research EVERYTHING!  The internet is a wonderful tool yet it robs me of my sanity, my time and my joy!!  Of course I need to research some things but I find myself researching and reading reviews about nearly everything before I can make a decision.  That is crazy! 

Simplicity is key.  My doctors don’t get bogged down in all the minor factors in my treatment.  They concentrate on the big hitters.  My Breast Cancer is ER positive.  That meant I followed a certain treatment plan followed by an aromatase inhibitor for several years to eliminate that hormone in my body and to keep the disease from growing.  While online searching joint pain from this medicine I stumbled on a make-up conversation.  Did you know there is estrogen in some make-up?!  OK….so if my oncologist isn’t concerned about make-up, should I be?  I’m thinking this is where simplicity steps in.   I need to get a handle on all the big stuff before I even try to work at picking out needles in the haystack. 

It’s like LIFE.  It’s so easy to get bogged down with all these details.  Nutrition for instance.  WOW what an overload of information.  But why do we even care about organic or gmo if we are filling our bodies with processed chemicals and not real food anyway?  In other words, keep it simple.  Eat real food.  Eat stuff that grows from the ground and don’t worry so much about the rest until you have established a basic healthy habit.  Then start peeling back the layers and delving in a little deeper if you wish. 

I heard once that all we needed to do to be happy is to drink more water and get more sleep.  Imagine?!  I bet more than half of us don’t do those two basic things.  Can we forget about all the other details and concentrate on the most basic necessities?  I wonder how good we could feel?  I wonder how our Quality of Life might look if we start from the simple, basic needs and only build from there once a strong foundation has been built.

 I’m having a big glass of water and headed to bed early tonight.  Can’t wait!!!  

With Love,