Your Silent Power

It’s amazing how different we act when we feel good.  I tried to get into work as much as I could during treatments last year.  I didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I just bee-lined it for the door and luckily I worked alone!  When I finished treatments and started to feel stronger, walking into work was a whole new experience.  I felt so happy to just walk down that hallway and feel capable and confident.  Confident that I would find my car at the end of the day, but again…chemo brain….we can discuss that later!  I looked at people in the eye and smiled.  Sometimes I even said hello!!  Can you imagine that?!  I smiled and said hello to strangers.  

I’m finding it fascinating the different responses.   Some people won’t look at you.  Some just don’t respond, but most smile back or say hello.  I wonder what a difference this might make in someone’s life.  A simple smile.  Years ago when I’d go for a walk before work in the morning, I would pass an older gentlemen.  We’d exchange “good mornings” and continue walking.  Everyday I’d see him.  We never exchanged another word until one morning he shared with me that seeing me every day motivated him to get out and exercise.  It may not affect everyone, but when it does it has the potential to be big.  Don’t ever underestimate  “a smile”.  

This has also reminded me not to take things personally.  Just because I say hello and someone doesn’t respond or looks right through me, doesn’t make them a bad person.  I have no right to judge.  I have no right to even be offended.  They didn’t say hello.  They just didn’t and that’s ok.  Maybe they are having a bad day or maybe like I was, they are struggling with something so big that they can’t do more than just get to work that day.  I love the saying“Everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be Kind.  Always.”

Ok, so some people are just toxic for you.  We don’t need that energy in our lives and sometimes it’s best to walk away.  I challenge you to always consider what you know about that person.  Be careful to judge someone based on a bad day, week or even year.  If you know them as a kind & loving person yet you feel slighted by them, please please please consider the source.  Can you offer a loving hand instead of a judgmental opinion.  Can you help lift this person up instead of silencing them and banning them from your life.  There are people we need to walk away from and there are people that need our love, kindness and patience  We decide the role, but the impact can be huge so please consider it carefully.

With Love,