A Tidy Mind

Sometimes I feel so superficial!!!  I’m doing the Oprah/Deepak meditation series at the same time as I’m reading Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (www.tidyingup.com)  All I keep thinking of is how finding your true self keeps your closet clean!  While this is a real and honest realization it is also a great metaphor for life.

For those of you that don’t know about Marie Kondo, the premise is that everything in your house should bring you joy or be absolutely needed.  I haven’t finished the book yet but the first exercise I did was to place every last shirt, t-shirt, blouse, exercise shirts etc. onto my bed.  You start by SEEING the amount of clothing you have and the EXCESS.  Then you pick up one piece at a time and ask yourself if that item brings you joy.  If it does, you keep it.  If not you discard it and allow it to bring joy to another.

What I am taking from the Oprah/Deepak series (chopracentermeditation.com) is that meditation serves to quiet our surroundings and learn to be in touch with our true self.  Once we are in touch with ourselves we will better understand what truly makes us happy.  Before each meditation we are given a topic to reflect on.  One which I loved was having the ability to see things with wonder again.  To learn to look for the details and experience that child-like joy.  Today’s meditation was about everything coming from love.  It reminded me that we, as humans, look for the bad in things instinctively as a defense mechanism to keep us safe.  The beauty and blessings in the world are abundant, but we have to train ourselves to see them again.  Both Marie Kondo’s approach and Deepak’s words make it easier to find those blessings.

So, now I’m wondering how many of us can truly follow Marie Kondo’s lead without first being in touch with our true self?  Sure we know ourselves pretty well but it can get difficult to weed out the influences around us.  For instance, at church on Sunday we were singing a hymn.  I have a lower pitched voice and I always have trouble singing next to a strong soprano!  I know where my voice is happy but it proves difficult to find unless I concentrate on tuning out that voice next to me.  I have been working at grounding and centering and the pieces are starting to come together.  Daily meditation really helps to quiet all that outside influence.  I don’t feel like I’m thinking about anything during the meditations, but somehow allowing my mind to be quiet and hearing the voice of Deepak break things down to the basics really sets the intention for the day.

Marie Kondo says we can live surrounded by things that bring us joy.  My first exercise has certainly given me a deeper understanding.  When I walk into my closet to decide on an outfit I am met with only clothes that I really like.  It is easier to put an outfit together.  I have pulled out clothes that were buried and forgotten.  I can’t wait to translate both these practices and awareness into the rest of my home.  Our soul needs to be cleansed of clutter daily and our homes filled with only that which makes us happy.    

Does life feel heavy to you?  Are you in touch with your true self enough to recognize your own state of being?  I myself feel like I am in transition, but I am feeling lighter knowing that as I explore I find more and more sources that will help me out of my cocoon.     

With Love, Tosha