The Diet of Life

I recently completed a nutrition class and my big take away was the theory of “crowding out”. The idea is that as we add nutritious foods to our diet the junk will start falling away.  By feeding our body what it needs, we will have less cravings.  Still, this practice takes time and dedication.  I read about nutrition, I read ingredients, I make sure to stock greens and fruits in the house at all times.  At the beginning I made small changes.  As I got comfortable with those, I took on the challenge of adding more and more changes.  I’m not sure there will ever be an end to this as our bodies keep changing and I will need to adapt my nutrition to those changes.  At the beginning it was hard, but those changes are just part of my life now.  For instance, my morning smoothie.  I don’t contemplate having it, I just make it. Similar to what  my breakfast of cereal or toast used to be.

Recently, I was talking to the instructor for that class, Denise of Core Nutrition for Women ( Through that conversation I realized that even for diet changes to really work, we need to find balance and inner peace.  Our bodies are so complicated. Our cells respond as much to positivity as they do to a healthy morning smoothie….maybe even more.  Probably even more!  I don’t really know for sure, but everything I have been reading lately points in this direction.

Photo Credit to my 11 year old son.

Photo Credit to my 11 year old son.

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring.  Exploring mindfulness and achieving more joy in life.  I’m realizing that it’s a lot like a diet.  How we feed ourselves mentally is JUST as important.  That being said, like a diet I need to choose something I will add and start crowding out the other things.  For example, more meditation might equal less social media or mindless munching on chocolate.

Like a diet, I will focus on small changes that I can build on.  Too much at one time isn’t likely to stick.  Like a diet, I know there will be set backs and cheat days.  Unlike a diet, it won’t be the number on the scale or the way my clothes fit that tell me things are off, BUT there will be signs!

In order to be aware of those signs we need to be mindful.

I recently started a 10 day cleanse of certain foods in my diet.  Starting today I am committing to a 10 day meditation series and response journal.  30 minutes of my day…..tops!  It’s time I stop dabbling and start to really apply myself.

Follow me on Facebook and I’ll give you the topics of my meditations. I am following the “Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” With Deepak & Oprah at  There are only 10 days left in this 21 day challenge so I have dedicated myself to doing this every day!  I’d love to have you join me in this and interact on Facebook.  The messages are really good and I think you will enjoy doing this even if you have never meditated a day in your life.  Can’t hurt to try, right??

This may not appeal to you.  Maybe you are at the basics of water and sleep and not yet ready to tackle something new in your routine. That’s great that you are aware of it.  Set a goal for yourself. Challenge yourself and really work at it so it becomes routine.  Then you will be able to move on and have some fun with me!

Love, Tosha