Community, it’s how we get things done.  It’s how we stay strong.  It’s what carries us through difficult times.  It’s the shoulder we lean on when we need support.  It’s what we create for our children.  It’s how we make the world a better place.

We are social animals.  We need a tribe.   Even the introverts among us need to have a tribe.  Some of this is natural; families, co-workers etc.  When times get tough these are the people that are there for you and will step in to help.  My tribe took care of me in many ways during my chemo treatments.

There is no doubt that our tribes are shrinking.  A friend told me today that his mother blames it on the electric garage door opener. People used to get out of the car to open the door and maybe even walk to the mailbox so they were more apt to know their neighbors.  I agree to some extent, but also find that people don’t really want to know each other.  Whatever it is, whatever the cause and whatever the reason the fact remains that our tribes are shrinking.  

There is also another side to community.  It is how we get things done.  We draw together like minded people and we can make a difference in our schools, churches, social groups etc.  I have spent the last 5 months enrolled in a Parent Leadership Training course (PLTI).  We have discussed many important issues in our society right down to the smallest community.  When we group together we can have a huge impact.  Maybe you don’t see how a small group of people cleaning up the trash on the side of the road in their neighborhood can make a big difference, but it does.  It really does.  Suddenly the punk driving down the street notices how clean it is and thinks twice about chucking out his slurpee cup.  Your neighbor plants some mums on the roadside because they aren’t going to get covered up with trash.  Property values rise and lives are changed.  All because someone cared enough to form a community and shine their light.  When you shine your light with others the light always becomes brighter and stronger.

In the words of Dr. Seuss….."Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better.  It's not."  

With Love,


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Informal speech. from this post.  Sharing to share more of myself with you!  I lost all composure when I thought my time had ended.  Hope you enjoy and laugh along with me!  ;-)