Finding Our True North

Sometimes we wait for something big.   We want to move away and start over.  We look for a big shift to re-invent ourselves or to do things differently, but most of us don’t get this opportunity.  My husband and I often daydream of moving somewhere quieter, but the truth is the daily grind isn’t often in our daydreams.  Can we make the change here and now, when we aren’t presented with the big shift?  When we are on the verge of a life-changing event how can we make the most of it?  How can we make those changes we want?

We don’t have to wait for any big changes.  We have so much more power than we realize.  It’s hard when you feel beaten down by life.  It’s hard when you just don’t have it in you to do more than you are doing, but I promise you don’t have to be stuck in any situation.  You have to dig deep, yes.  You have to smile through the pain.  You have to find the blessings.  Pick a direction and make that step.

This is where that damn mindfulness comes up again!!  Slowing down and tuning in!  Yes, I can make a huge change and no it isn’t likely to happen overnight.  Like a diet or a fitness plan it takes commitment.  It is perseverance and hard work that can bring about any shift you are in need of.  I’m not the most disciplined and I waver a lot, so it may take me longer to get there but I keep checking back in and adjusting direction.  I’m not sure of the destination just making sure my compass is grounded.  Find your direction, make yourself accountable to someone or something and have that fresh start whenever you choose. 

Today is the last day of school.  Tomorrow is summer vacation.  This is my time to make a shift.  When is yours?

With Love,