I won't get all political on you, but....

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  Shootings, alligator attacks and the political environment alone is enough to make me retreat to a cave somewhere and live off the grid.  However, I choose to be part of my society.  I choose to enjoy all the good things that it offers while I endure the bad.  I can choose not to engage in transgender bathroom arguments.  I can choose not to add negativity in conversations and social media.  I need to balance how I am going to absorb this information and process this information while keeping my sanity and peace in my heart. 

Freak accidents happen.  I take these as a reminder to cherish our days together and not to be too complacent in anything.  We need to be aware, we need to help others. 

We need to respond when we can and do our small part to help our neighborhoods, towns, cities and even nation find their inner peace. 

We need to recognize what the needs are around us and how we might offer some small solutions.  It is the only way I can stomach what is happening in our world every day.  I cannot solve the big problems today but I can start things in motion, right?  We don’t realize the power we all have.  We need to come to the table with solutions and not gripes.  I need to create something positive to create a counterbalance to the negative.  I need to create community.  I need to start the conversations.  This is what is in my heart.  This is how I can stomach all the crap that happens in this world every day. 

We all have something inside of us to offer.  We are like puzzle pieces.  It takes all kinds to come together to create the full picture.  We may never see the puzzle completed in our life time but we will never see it completed if we don’t at least work on our little section. 

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us..jpg

Quiet the busy nature of your life and take a moment to reflect.  The answers will come. 


What’s your passion?  Create something new?  Add to an organization that’s already available?  Help a friend or a neighbor.   Maybe shine your light by just letting go of the road rage during the evening commute.  It doesn’t have to be big.  It just has to be.

With Love,