Peace & Recovery

When we are in a stressful time of our lives we push through. We do what we need to do and when it passes we may fall apart, we may get sick, we may feel much weaker than we did during the stress.  Recovery is an important stage that we don’t pay enough attention to.  Maybe it seems indulgent, maybe it seems unnecessary.  Maybe it seems weak?  The answer to this will change from person to person and situation to situation but it should not be ignored.

 Recovery is a thing.

I was fortunate to have a break from my responsibilities to begin my recovery from Breast Cancer.  I spent several weeks away from home for radiation treatment.  I had nothing else to do, but take time for myself.  I had time to process, time to rebuild my strength and time to be kind to myself.  Even with those weeks away it still took a year post treatments to feel normal again.  Mostly. 

Recovery cannot be ignored.

I just celebrated my one year anniversary of the end of my breast cancer treatments.  It has taken every minute of that year to feel like I am back living my life.  It’s been a roller coaster.  Every time I got comfortable handling new responsibilities it was time to take on more.  This would send me into a spiral until I was able to balance it all again.  Of course, that would be the time where I would need to take on more responsibilities and the cycle would start all over again.  I am finally at a place where I feel like “this is it”.  I have my regular craziness and juggling act of managing a busy family, but I am in control and I have finally caught up.    

What I want to stress to you is that things take time.  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, but change takes time.  Recovery takes time.  We need to be gentle with ourselves.  We need to be kind to ourselves.  We need to take time, slow down and pay attention to what we need and what we want. 

Recovery cannot be ignored. 

With Love,