Summer State of Mind

I’m going along, having a good time this summer.  Busy but nothing serious, just spending time with my kids and running my taxi service.  It feels nice to be home with them.  Two summers ago I was having biopsies and surgeries and preparing for Chemo to start in the fall and last summer I spent out of whack trying to figure out how to fit back into my old life.  This summer has been the first I have enjoyed in two years.  It has been lovely weather this summer.  I realized I hadn’t even NOTICED summer in two years!  No wonder every time I felt a cool breeze  on a hot day or the warmth of the sun when I stepped out of the cold A/C I declared “IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL OUT”.   I haven’t had one of those moments when I experienced a FIRST in a while.  It reminded me that this is what ZenDitty is all about.  I want to discover these moments in everyday life.  I know they won’t be as drastic as my post cancer new life experiences, but I can’t help but think we can create some of that joy and awe just by noticing all the amazing wonders around us at any given moment.  Now you might be sitting in your living room surrounded by clothes that need to be folded and maybe a to-do-list a mile long, but even here we can stop and just be grateful for a moment.  Maybe you can barely catch your breath, but there is so much to be thankful for.  Stop for a moment and give yourself time and permission to just be grateful because you truly are blessed in many ways.  

So enter in summer vacation, my three children (11 and under).  We’ve been out and about, having a good time.  My house needs attention, my garden needs attention, my husband needs attention, but you know what?!?!  I am neglecting myself in all this as well.  Yes, times are good.  We are embracing summer.  It is in these times when it seems easy to get off course.  It’s not in the hard times where you have the reminders that your soul needs nurturing but in the times that just are.  They are just there chugging along and you’re doing ok keeping up.  This is the time we can be strengthening our practices.  These are the times it might be easier to grab a few minutes for yourself to check in.  These are the times to listen to your soul and find your direction.  These are the times to make things happen!  

True happiness is from within. External sources only distract us..jpg

As you may have noticed, I haven’t made a blog post the last few weeks.  It’s time for me to get back on track.  I thank friends for unknowingly giving me a push in this direction.  Reminding me to take time to myself and even introducing me to a new meditation practice.  I wonder how many other signs I have been missing this summer while I was just going along living my life.  I’m back in charge now.  I’m choosing my life, not just going along with the flow.  Have you been noticing your signs?  Have you been following your intended path?  Let’s all check back in before we get too carried away.  

With Love,


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