Creating a Positive Place

I want to stay healthy.  I don’t want stress eating away at my body.   When there are struggles or hard times in life it is best to surround yourself with as much beauty as you can to help balance it out.  This can be music, or fresh cut flowers from your garden or simply a quiet calm place to retreat and re-energize yourself.  

I have subconsciously been working on surrounding myself with positive words and affirmations.  I live with children struggling through sibling rivalries, pre-teen angst, and power struggles.  I carried my youngest into church with a football hold last week while he kicked and yelled, “I don’t want to go to church!”.  This has been a theme including school and taekwondo class this past week.  This is really beside the point, but I wanted you to know my life isn’t exactly like walking through wildflower fields every day.  :-)  I schedule things for myself.  Yoga helps a lot with some of the joint pain I suffer from, not to mention it’s good for slowing down my brain and my instructor is wonderful about sharing tidbits every week that help to keep us grounded.   I shared with you “My Dirty Little Secret” about creating calm and setting a benchmark to recognize when you are off course.  I have added new spaces of beauty and calm into my home.  I do believe all these things help or at least bring the idea of peacefulness in view so when things get crazy we have a retreat.  It stops some of the negative energy in it’s tracks.  

Today when I logged into my facebook account I realized how, over time, I have successfully changed my virtual life as well.  I changed the way I look at social media.  I stopped following people whose posts don’t add anything to my life or worse, add negativity.  I have plenty of that in my real life, thank you!  I also started following pages like ZenDitty that share messages of hope and peace and kindness.  Today when I logged in, I not only had my timeline full of positive messages, but also suggestions for other pages that I might be interested in following.  Pages like Tiny Buddha, Power of Positivity, Simple Reminders and so many more.  Seeking positive, really does breed more positive.  Sharing positive breeds more positive.  Don’t just be a flame and shine your light,  but ignite everything around you and you’ll never have to worry about that light being extinguished!  

With Love,


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