Take your time, but HURRY UP!

Take your time, do it when you’re ready, but hurry up, you’re not guaranteed tomorrow.

This is the paradox we face most days.  Attempting to maintain inner peace with so much to do.  How does one balance it all? I’ve found that having a good grasp on my expectations and limitations is a good start.  I often think there is much more time in an hour than there actually is.  I’m learning to slow down and just do what I can and let some things slide.  There are things I want to tend to, but I know that these things will likely send me topsy turvy for a while and I am holding steadfast to my resolution for inner peace.  

How do we make room for these extras?  How do we clear space to make sure these things happen even while maintaining inner peace?  

I was reminded of this paradox after losing a special man this week.  He was a grandfather figure and one whom I had not visited in a long time as I wasn’t feeling well and simply too busy keeping my head above water.  I had just made the realization that I was strong enough now to take a day to visit him and his wife.  Before I could do this, he fell ill and passed away.  It’s a common story, isn’t it? You reach a certain age where you only see loved ones at weddings and funerals.  

We can't always change this story, but we can keep our hearts desires in the forefront thereby creating more opportunities to fulfill our souls and hopefully spread the love and kindness into another's world in the process.

Take your time, but HURRY up!  To me this means get your sh*t together.  Know what your priorities are and make them come to fruition.  No, there just isn’t enough time to do all that you want to do.  You need to choose.  Yes, sometimes things fall off our radar because other things are coming at us with more urgency. But think about this, whose urgency?  Be careful we don't get pulled too far away from our own truths.  Take time to connect with yourself and stay grounded.  

This goal of inner peace needs mindfulness or we risk missing out on what is truly important to us. We don’t want to miss out on what fills our souls, because if we do, what do we really have to offer?  Practicing mindfulness and de-cluttering that busy part of your life gives you a glimpse of what your true purpose is. Practicing mindfulness allows you to stay calm in the face of the many fires that interrupt our day.  Mindfulness is one of the tools we need to have in our back pocket for handling difficult situations that come our way.  It is also the guiding force that shapes our lives.  

Go out and live the life you dreamed of, but first take a moment to really know what that means for you. Practice mindfulness, learn resilience and thrive with me.

With Love, Tosha