Calming the Beast

I’ve been doing some work to understand this giant concept of ego and how it stands in our way of realizing our true selves. I had a breakthrough this morning! How is it that I can share my story with you? I consider myself to be a pretty private person, but here I am writing a blog about inner conflicts and the struggle to hold onto inner peace in my life. I can tell you these things because I have separated my story from my being.  I am not my story.  My story is things that happen to me and around me. My story even includes reactions from my ego and how that controls parts of my life. My story is not me.  It is not the essence of me. Therefore I can share it with you because my story has been stripped away from my ego. On that note, I have not been sharing as much with you lately. I’ve been caught up in the hamster wheel that I’d so tried to avoid. I’ve been fighting against it but I think I need to learn to accept it. This is part of my story but it’s an external part of my story.  I still have the true me tucked inside. I can incorporate this hamster wheel activity into my life and still maintain my connection to the source.

That’s a huge topic to explore but the source is wherever you spiritual connection is tied to. Do you nurture a connection to a higher self, to God, to the moon and stars? Whatever that connection is for you is important to maintain and develop. It is so much bigger than the hamster wheel of our lives.  

The ego however is a tough beast to calm. I just began reading Eckhardt Tolle’s, "A New Earth". In the very first chapter he says that ego is like darkness and you cannot win against it. The only power you have over ego is light.  Our light is our essence, our spiritual consciousness. This we must nurture in order to allow ourselves to shine brighter. We must nurture our light to shine brighter in order to overshadow ego. This takes a level of commitment, but staying rooted in something bigger makes it so much easier to quiet the ego. Where to begin? Check yourself a few times today.  Are you doing something to appease your ego or are you doing something to shine your light? Don’t be hard on yourself because we all have ego and we can never shed that completely, but be aware of which has more influence in your life? Ego or Consciousness?     

I’ve just realized that it’s about co-existing and it’s calmed the urge to give in and give up.  I cannot win against ego but I can shine my light brighter. I hope you will too. This world needs us to shine.  

With Love,