Just Keep Dancing!

I lost my groove for a little bit.  Not feeling well and just not doing my grounding stuff.  You’ll know that happened when I don’t post for a week or more.  This time I started to doubt myself.  Doubt my message, doubt my credibility and even doubt that I should continue.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to you my readers, to myself and this promise I made to keep my inner peace.  It wasn’t a big overwhelming feeling.  It was more of a nagging feeling and a loss of inspiration.

 I’m finally feeling better, got out to a mindfulness class and I immediately started feeling more like myself.  I went into my meditation time with the intention of quieting my mind and what I was greeted with was a very nurturing time of contentment.  I gave myself permission to just sit with things for a while and decide if this is worth doing for you and worth doing for me.

The very next day I was at work.  I work at a university and I never know who might stick their head in my door.  Well, a woman walked in to basically scope out my office and borrow some paper.  She was chatty about the class she was taking and then went on her way.  Next thing I knew her husband was in my doorway.  She sent him down to talk to me.  I think he wasn’t satisfied with the class so she was pawning him off on me.  I’m glad she did.   What a lovely man!  He is in his late 80s and as a couple they have taken just about every class the school has to offer.  He is a Korean war vet, he wrote a book of satire to “Live and Laugh By” and he is legally blind.

He gave me a copy of his book and offered to sign it for me.  We sat down at the table so he could get up close to the page in order to see it.  I felt oddly comfortable with him and asked if it was hard to have such trouble seeing.  He said, “Nah, I’m not going to let this get me down!”.  He then told me a story about his aunt with terrible arthritis and a wedding with lots of late night dancing.  He asked her, “How is it that you are still dancing with your arthritis?!” She exclaimed “I’m not going to let pain stand in my way!”.  I so needed this visit.  We all infect each other and if I can infect another person and make a difference than I will keep doing what I’m doing.  It just feels right.

And, as if I hadn’t gotten the message,  he sat back and pensively added, “I don’t know if my outlook is genetic or if it was influenced by people around me.” I hope it wasn’t genetic, because that means I can have an effect on people around me too.”  AMEN!

So, I got lost for a bit, but I remained open to the many signs and blessings that surround us each and every day and I found my path again.

I hope this is a reminder to look for those signs and blessings.  To be open to receiving and even more importantly, to not let the pain get in the way of a good time!

Much love and blessings to you.