Don't Fight It, Own It

One of my closest friends is a hamster.  At least, that’s what she calls herself.  What my friend really means is that she has the energy of a hamster.  Always going, always doing, never stopping.  She confided that she has a hard time harnessing her inner hamster.  My response was “Don’t, just own it. “

There is no set path to inner peace.  There is no wrong way.  There is only your way.  If you are a hamster, having a less scheduled week might work against your inner peace.  If you are trying to change your true nature, you are going to meet a lot of resistance and cause friction in your life.  Friction is the opposite of what we strive for.  Inner peace is about making sure those activities and things we spend our time on are filling our cups.  Our intention shouldn’t be to do more or less of any particular thing, but to do more of the things that are in line with our desires and beliefs.  We are not wired the same way as one another and that, my friends, is what keeps things interesting!   

It was ironic that we had this conversation recently, because I have realized this about myself.  Not that I am a hamster, only a few select people get that proud title.   But, I have been paying attention to what things in my life are a strain for me.  I’ve been paying attention to the things that cause anxiety or stress and that don’t need to exist to begin with.  If volunteering to read with a child at school makes me want to pull my hair out than it probably isn’t good for me or the child I am reading with.  I am realizing that these things don’t necessarily have to be fixed.  They are something I can just accept.  They are just a weakness and I don’t have to keep trying to overcome that weakness.  Releasing these things and choosing to focus more on my strengths has the potential to be much more valuable to myself and to those around me.  Some things are easier to release than others.  Maybe it’s your career that is a struggle.  Maybe you have become good at your weaknesses, but they still cause friction in your life.  These things can take more time and planning to release, but release should be considered.  

We are all pieces of the same puzzle.  Not everyone can be the sky, most of us don’t have a straight edge, some fill others, some get filled by others, but none of us stand alone and no two pieces are the same.  Find where you fit and come together to create a beautiful picture.  Stop trying to be a corner piece.  Own your strengths, fill your cup and enjoy the big picture.

With Love,