I can center myself in my world.  I can sit in quiet meditation with my intentions set on my place in society.  I can calculate where and what I should be.  Or I can sit in contemplative meditation and center myself with my true self, my higher being or with a higher power separate from myself.  What’s the difference?  When I let my “world” be my higher power I am giving power to a system of beliefs shared among the people in my circles.  When I center myself with a higher power I am absolved from the restraints and demands of our societies and clear out so much clutter in my head.  This approach allows more clarity.  It’s the difference between prioritizing what matters right now and what matters most.  When we learn to connect with a higher power we begin to experience an easier existence.  One where our power comes from the source and our motives are pure.

Similarly, I can detach with anger or I can detach with love.  We all have or have had people in our lives that are not healthy for us for a variety of reasons.  They may make us question ourselves.  They may not understand us and may even judge us.  They may be caught in a downward spiral in their own life and the energy they share extinguishes our own lights.  Detaching may seem counterintuitive to sharing our lights and offering love and kindness, and it is, if you detach with anger.  The motive of our hearts affects every cell in our bodies.  By centering ourselves in a higher power and not in our superficial existence allows our motives to come from a pure place.  A place where there is a bigger picture.  Our decisions aren’t so much for selfish reasons, but because we are called to do more, to be more in this world.  We cannot live out our purpose if we allow these relationships to continue. So we detach with love.  With love we step away and keep a protective distance.  The energy around us has not been disturbed, but rather it has been restored.  With this restored energy there is room for new relationships and situations to enter our lives and perhaps even a rekindling of an old one.    Life is a journey we may not always have control over, but our centering force keeps us grounded and true to ourselves and our purpose.

When we keep these things in line, we avoid the downward spiral that stems from unfortunate events.  When we keep centered within our own beings, we are empowered to continue down our paths without fear.  We continue down this path with light loads because our burdens are few.  Practice kindness, forgiveness and centering for yourself and watch your world unfold.

With Love,