Just one minute!

Start where you are. Do just one minute. Set a goal. Create accountability. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

You’ve read all the tips on how to create a new habit, or lead a better life, but why is it that you always feel like you aren’t quite getting it or it just won’t stick.  You read books and search for new techniques to stick to your exercise program or your home maintenance schedule or your bujo journal, yet it still fails you.  You start and you are doing great.  Then life happens and throws you off course.  You feel like you are back at the beginning and it’s hard to get started again.

I wish for you the clarity to know your heart’s desires and the wisdom to have patience and faith to have trust in the journey..png

What if I told you that you are doing everything right?  What if I told you that this is the model? We aren’t going to get it right.  It is about starting over and trying again. It is about finding a new way, a new technique, or a new plan all together.  You’ve heard the saying; Life is a journey not a destination.  Why do we apply this only to the big picture and not to those little moments of struggle?  You know “the dash on your tombstone where it all happens”.  Don’t for one minute think that because you aren’t getting it right you aren’t living well.  You are!  And you are strengthening your resolve. You are doing a great job because it’s in those moments where we fall off the wagon where we can make new decisions and have the space to grow and change.  Each time we re-start we are building that resilience muscle and let’s face it that may be the most important muscle in our entire body!

This realization came to me through my meditation practice.  I have been terrible at keeping my practice.  I haven’t been able to go to my weekly class in almost 2 months and that is the anchor for me. That is something I have committed to in order to keep a foot in the door and not give it up entirely.  What I hadn’t realized is that I surround myself with things I want to explore and learn more about.  The podcasts I listen to, the books I read, the groups or activities I join, they are my safety net. They keep me where I want to be.  These were the by-products of many new beginnings.  They came to being because of my habits not sticking. So I haven’t been meditating, BUT I listened to a podcast that explained how meditation IS the process of pulling your mind back when it drifts off.  I am not doing it wrong because my mind drifted off. For me the practice is always pulling my mind back to observation mode and not thinking mode.  This gave me the shift I needed from I “should” be trying to meditate to “I am trying to pull myself back into a practice”.  I am strengthening that muscle. I am getting stronger and more resilient because I have more obstacles to overcome.  I have set myself up with good people and circumstances for growth and I am doing it all right.  I am not perfect. It may feel like a lot of false starts and expressions of how “this time I’ve got it right!”  HA!  Life IS a journey and we aren’t going to ever arrive. Instead of getting frustrated know that you are a work in progress.  You are striving to be better every day and that means you are getting stronger every day. This isn’t to say that you will never achieve a goal, but it will always evolve to more. You will uncover new desires and you will always be flexing this muscle to overcome obstacles, but maybe the accomplishment isn’t the point.  Maybe it’s what we learn every day of the journey.

I wish for you the clarity to know your heart’s desires and the wisdom to have patience and faith to have trust in the journey.

You are a work in progress and that is exactly what we are meant to be.   

With Love,