You have an obligation!

Because I had Hodgkin's in my teens with radiation and chemotherapy I was encouraged to get a special radiation therapy called proton therapy when I was recently treated for Breast Cancer.  This meant I was living in another city for 6 weeks and home only on the weekends.

 When I came home I realized I had been very “me” centered.  

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LOL (Living Out Loud)

I am seriously not laughing!  This actually terrifies me.  Truth be told I have pretty thin skin and I have been fighting this idea of blogging for a long time.  For me it is a strong pull and I’ve finally succumbed to it.  The revelations I will be sharing with you are nothing new and many scholars and minds far more beautiful than mine have shared many ideas far more eloquently, but despite feeling unworthy I still have this pull.  So I asked myself is it possible that my words and my experiences and the way I package it all might just speak to the soul of another?

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