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Resources will be updated as I discover great new resources.  In the meantime, visit my Pinterest page for more suggestions. 

Meditation: or Head Space APP

Insight Timer APP

Calm APP


Cancer: - Retreat - resource, blogs, discussion boards (very responsive) 

Livestrong - resource - resource & discussion boards - lodging with medical rates

American Cancer Society

Check local YMCAs for special programs.

Art Therapy

Coloring Quotes:  Free Coloring Page Download With Room To Include Your Own Mantra Or Affirmation!  


I am testing out some YouTube classes to share soon.  If you have any favorites I'd love to hear!

ABC of Yoga :  Site shows animation of poses.  No guessing if you are doing it right!  If you can add one thing to your routine, a few "Sun Salutations" are proven to be very beneficial.  Namaste!  


Relax Melodies - great for timing mediation, yoga music or for help falling asleep

HeadSpace -Think FITBIT for mediation & mindfulness.  How to begin meditation and offers 2 minutes to 1 hour meditations.  Try'll love it!